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Mastretta MXT will be Mexico's first homegrown car

Whether you are a private individual or multi-national corporation, let GBRT Security Services handle all your Protection and Security requirements. We offer in-depth expertise in Close Protection Combat, Firearm Proficiency, Medical  Buddy Aid, Format Formation, Observation, Redirection and also a comprehensive range of services including access to Protection and Security resources locally and internationally. The GBRT Security Service’s passion for your safety and well-being is the difference that sets us apart from the rest.

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Welcome To GBRT Security Services

GBRT Security Services is an all-encompassing security solutions company with a uniquely customer-centric competitive edge to deliver prompt and effective security services to our valued current and potential clients.The measures that we take are all based on our client’s unique circumstances and risk assessment, thus providing a tailor-made service that will suit our client’s specific needs.

Due to our pro-active approach, comprehensive planning and preparation, we have managed to effectively minimize our clients’ exposure to risk and securing their peace of mind. We at GBRT continue to strive for professionalism, optimum quality and the promotion of high standards of service delivery...readmore

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